Product & Design

Specialty LED Cards produced for Industry 4.0 mailer marketing campaign

Smart Factory LED Cards was produced as follow-ups to Audere Partners’ Brand Video Brochure, offering their partnership with FactoryEye.

What We Achieved

Audere Partners wanted another “bold” marketing mailer that followed up with the success of the Video Brochure.


Two cards were designed to feature the partnership of Audere Partners with FactoryEye, offering clients a pathway to Smart Factory success in as little as 90 days. The graphics were illustrated to be different than the typical industrial mailer: bold, bright colors with a clear defined message: “Smart Factory Made Easy” / “Smart Factory in 90 Days.”


With the topic on Industry 4.0, it was necessary for both the design and product to include technology. Working with the same manufacturer, our production team designed two 7×5 cards with a built-in LED screens to show a scrolled light message.

Print & Delivery

200 cards were printed and delivered to potential leads across the world.

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