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Internal training website produced for international consulting firm

Audere Partners wanted a knowledge repository reflecting Audere’s standard practices, including processes, systems, tools, and capabilities. The internal-use website was built for two purposes: People Dashboard for company-wide information: onboarding, policies, announcements, human & brand resources; and The Manual, conveying their specific consulting service value chain process that includes opportunity identification, Scoping, Analysis, and Implementation phases.

We Achieved

A dual-purpose repository to be used by Audere employees and contractors for HR purposes (onboarding, policies, brand collateral) and consultants to understand Audere’s specific value chain process. The program allowed admins to track progress of the users to ensure they have gone through each step.


Audere wanted the program to be a one-time setup with no long-term maintenance, so it was decided that the platform Kajabi would be used and customized based upon their needs. While Kajabi primarily works with users who sell online services and courses, our team shaped the forum and web features to look and feel like an internal database of Audere.


Our team worked with the partners of Audere to gather all their “processes” into five phases, nine sub-phases, and 129 topics, tools and templates. All topics were edited and tools and templates were reformatted and designed to meet brand standards.

Training & Launch

Our team trained Audere admin to use, update and track users through Audere Way. The program was launched in October 2020, and is successfully managed by the admins through today.

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