Photography, Product & Design

Activity-themed POS campaign for multi-franchised coffee company

As part of City Brew’s 20th Anniversary Promo Collection, this promo focused on visually answering the question, Who buys City Brew.The answer concentrated on who the customer is and what they enjoyed doing with their City Brew drink in hand.



A variety of outdoor scenes showing the customer, drink (or food) in hand, enjoying their summer activity (camping, mountain biking, fishing, road-tripping, and hiking).


The activity backgrounds were photographed on location or sourced, and the drinks/food were shot in studio with staff/customers as the hand models; the final scenes were composites created in post-production. Images were meticulously edited & retouched prior to layout design.

Layout Design

The images were designed in first person photo-realism: drink in hand, wrist turned to the viewer to as though the customer was looking at their drink in the midst of their activity. The promo’s headline My Summer, #MyCityBrew was used in correlation with a social media campaign.

Print & Delivery

Final images were sized and rendered for various promotional displays, including drive-thru & interior menu boards, window clings, A-frame display boards, social media and digital ads.

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