Product & Design

Book layout design for the creator of the Six Viewpoints, a known theatre-dance practice

Mary Overlie, an American choreographer, dancer and professor, devoted her life to the Six Viewpoints: a technique she founded that is both a philosophical articulation of postmodern performance and a teaching system addressing directing, choreographing, dancing, acting, improvisation, and performance analysis. Overlie held onto the raw manuscript for 20 years before she was ready to print and share it with the world. She hired our team to handle full process of bringing the work into production.

Book Page Design & Layout

As the author worked with an editor to review the manuscript, we determined an overall design direction for the work of art: 212-pages soft-bound 9×5″ black and white printed book on creme-based paper. 35 photographs were restored from the 1960s and digitalized for an interior insert. When the design was finalized, a dummy book was created to review page layouts, gauge art-to-text balance, and make changes as necessary.

Product collateral & publicity

Product collateral including visual identity, website, print ads, photography and motion graphics were produced prior to printing to gain awareness and monetary support of the production. A Hatchfund was setup for crowdfunding, and the goal of $20,000 was met in 10 days, and exceeded $35,000 in 30 days.

Book Printing, Binding & Shipping

When the crowdfunding goal was complete, the pages were finalized, an index was created, typeset, and proofread, the product was reviewed for any issues and prepped for manufacturing. A local printing press was hired to print 30,000 copies for first edition, and the files were prepped for an e-book version. 15,000 copies were pre-ordered and shipped directly to universities, theatre and dance companies worldwide. Today the book is available direct from, university bookstores and Amazon.

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