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“Bibs & Binkies” Grows Up

Baby Logic helps people become parents. More than just a baby store, Baby Logic is a trusted resource for both new and practiced parents. No matter their know-how, customers are soothed by knowledge, cradled in experience, and swaddled with quality-tested products that take the uncertainty out of parenting. Baby Logic evolved from “Bibs and Binkies” with the help of our team at Northern Summit. Owners Rachel and Dustin Rising wanted to elevate their Montana baby boutique to a sought-after brand that was franchisable; a brand that was educationally and technology-driven.


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Unlike the big box stores that compete with the company for customers, Baby Logic truly cares about the parent. They are there to lend a listening ear to every parent’s joys and struggles while helping them find the best products for their family. Baby Logic’s ultimate goal is to make parenting easier. Parents not only leave our store with wonderful products but the knowledge and experience of how, when and why to best use their new purchase.

We chose to create a Forced-connection logo symbol for their brand featuring two main parts: the pacifier (comfort, security) and a lightbulb (knowledge, experience). The supporting elements are the colors (gender-neutral mint and navy) and baby-making parts (uterus and sperm) doubling in the light bulb and pacifier.


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